Why I work with teenagers.

Looking back, the teenage years were probably some of the most challenging and yet exciting times of my life.   The changes that occurred during those years were confusing, frustrating and exhausting generally. 

This was the 1970s where our existence was fairly primitive by the 21st century's standards, we had to talk to each other in 'real' life, peer pressure existed but on a low level, we all knew where the lines were and that there would be scary consequences if we crossed them, and mental health issues "didn't exist"!?  

When we were sad we cried, when we were happy we laughed, when we grew tired we went to bed and slept or maybe listened to some pirate radio station on our transistors under the covers so our parents couldn't hear the noise.  We certainly didn't have the complications that teenagers now have available, such as easy access to inappropriate information online, endless box sets portraying unrealistic or unsustainable relationships and ways of appearing to the world...I could go on!  My point is.. life for the teenager, whose brain is still in the development stage, has enough biology to contend with without these factors also assaulting their young minds and the sense of overwhelm they feel leads them to look for help outside their families as it feels safer and confidentiality is guaranteed.

 We offer:-


If this sounds like the kind of help you would like, please contact me on 07982 899554 (text is fine) or by email on sarah@talkroom.uk and if I don't reply straight away, I will, usually within 2 or 3 hours.