In the woods where whispers dance,

Through branches, wind takes its chance.

Bluebells spread, a carpet of blue,

Underneath the sky's deep hue.

Buzzards call, their cry so grand,

Echoes through this enchanted land.

While baby ducklings, small and bright,

Glide on the lake in morning light.

Nature's symphony, so pure and clear,

In this woodland haven, so dear.

Where wind, bluebells, buzzards, and more,

Blend in harmony, forevermore.

MARCH WOOD by Lisa Bradford of Willow Bushcraft

IMPORTANT...April 14th 2024 update:-

Woodland Walk and Talk therapy will be resuming in late May, so I will be pleased to hear from any of you who may prefer to have their therapy in the wood, rather than face to face in a counselling room.  The proven benefits of nature in helping to improve our mental health is unquestionable and from experience I know this calms anxiety, elevates mood, clarifies thinking and improves physical symptoms, to mention just a few.  

I will normally meet you in my room initially to break the ice and then introduce you to the woodland.  I  will meet you at the entrance and show you around, there is plenty of parking and just a few things to draw your attention to, e.g. emergency procedures, other users' habits and some safety issues to discuss.  If you've had a long day and just want to sit and talk, that's no problem either, there are loads of places within the wood to do just that.

There are other organisations that use the wood, Willow Bushcraft, the main user, runs forest schools for 8+ years, and a number of other adult groups get together regularly.  There are holiday and weekend activities for children and young people.   The wood is actually owned by www.woodlands.co.uk who allows the use of the wood for community projects and enterprises in return for the use of the wood

The facilities include eco-toilets, shelters, hot drink facilities, parking, seating.

Other lovely features include a herd of deer, nesting resident buzzards, heron(s), frogs, beehives, an allotment, ponds, not to mention the orchid colony, the wood anemones, bluebells and other beautiful plants that grow undisturbed under the tree canopy.  

If you're convinced that your future therapy adventure is W&T with me, Sarah in the woodland, please call/text on 07982899554/ email me:- sarah@talkroom.uk.  I'm looking forward to hearing from you. 🙂



In Autumn of 2022, Sarah took part in a 3 month introduction to neuroscience for practitioners course, it was fascinating and introduced new ways of seeing how our brain works, and how simply talking things over is only a part of recovery, the growing understanding of the workings of the brain will enhance the counselling experience.   


A Talkroom Walk in the Wood

This is some of what you can expect from a walk in the Wood!