April 30th 2021

We have adapted the Talkroom to be covid safe, masks can also be worn. Hand sanitisers and tissues are readily available and the room is disinfected after each client. Sarah is doing bi-weekly lateral flow testing and will inform clients if she becomes symptomatic. Sarah is now fully vaccinated against covid19 as of May 7th 2021

Update May 10th 2021-some recent statistics on the effectiveness of counselling generally and the effects that the pandemic has had on peoples' mental health. COUNSELLING REALLY HELPS TO GET YOU BACK ON TRACK, PLEASE CALL/EMAIL SARAH on 07982899554/sarahdavies@counsellor.com for more details.

A February survey conducted by YouGov. PLC found the following. This was from a sample of 6305 adults.

Counselling changes lives

85% agree that it is a good idea to seek counselling or psychotherapy for a problem before it gets out of hand.

73% agree people might be happier if they talked to a counsellor or psychotherapist about their problems.

65% agree that it is better for people to talk to someone about a problem rather than to take medication.

85% agree that it is important that counselling or psychotherapy should be accessible to everyone who wants it.

The impact of the coronavirus pandemic on mental health

75% say their mental health has been negatively impacted by the pandemic.

The top three reasons for the pandemic having a negative impact on their mental health are …

61% being separated from or unable to see friends, family or romantic partners
56% anxiety or concern about friends or family members catching coronavirus
48% feeling isolated

74% say the coronavirus pandemic has made them more conscious of their own mental health.

82% say it has made them more conscious of the mental health of their family and friends.

69% say that mental health should be a priority in the recovery from the pandemic.